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Don’t take our word for it… hear what our customers say

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When you’re considering a purchase, especially if it represents a significant investment, and you’re not quite sure whether to go ahead, who do you want to hear from?

Is it the salesman promoting his product? Maybe you turn to a consumer guide or comparison website for more impartial information? You might seek advice from friends and relatives, people whose opinion you value and trust? Or you could see what other customers – people like you – have said about a particular product and the company which supplied it.

At Acorn Stairlifts we actively seek customer feedback. It’s helped us shape and refine our products and services over the years, but it also reminds us of the positive impact our stairlifts make on people’s lives… and who wouldn’t want to hear about that? Here’s a small selection of the comments we’ve received recently from people across the UK who are now enjoying the daily benefits of their Acorn Stairlift:

  • Mr Warren, of Dorking, told us: “I now avoid the apprehension of walking down the stairs and the exhaustion of climbing up. The ride gives me a moment to relax.”
  • Mr Coe, from Colchester, said: “My wife was taking 15 minutes, with my help, to climb the stairs. Now it’s 15 seconds.”
  • Mrs Holsey, who lives near Brandon, Norfolk, explained: “I used to come downstairs in the morning and go back up at bedtime, but now I go up any time I like. I have my independence back.”
  • Miss Sharpe, of Brockenhurst, Hampshire, said of her Acorn: “It has done away with the dread of going up and down stairs.”
  • Similarly, Mrs Loughton, of Dudley, told us: “I no longer dread going upstairs.”
  • Mrs Parker, of Nottingham, whose husband has restricted mobility, said: “The stairlift is a boon for us as it used to take two of us to get my husband upstairs to bed each evening.”
  • Linda Scott, of Tadworth, described her Acorn as “a godsend”, adding: “I just cannot climb stairs and I refuse to have a bed downstairs.”
  • Mr Butterworth, of Ely, said his new Acorn Stairlift has “slowed/halted an otherwise rapid decline in a knee.”
  • Mr Dyroff, of Torquay, said his stairlift has given him “the confidence to return to my basement flat from a care home.”
  • In Lancing, West Sussex, Mr Jeanes, can now take a cup of tea up to bed, telling us: “I can go upstairs without being on all-fours so I’m able to rest in bed with a drink.”
  • Anna Gardner, from Chipping Norton, said: “It has simply made my life easier and I won’t need to move from my family home.”
  • Four hundred miles north in Dundee, Elizabeth Edward is enjoying similar peace of mind, saying her Acorn “took the pressure off maybe having to move house due to struggling on the stairs.”
  • Peter Hardy, of Newton Aycliffe, has been a satisfied Acorn customer for 15 years and recently upgraded to a new model. He said: “It makes the whole house available to us and keeps us safe going up and down the stairs.”
  • For Mr Anstis, of Swanage, the deciding factor was “the comfort of long-term security in the knowledge that it helps me to stay independent in my own home.”
  • Mr Creasey, of Lincoln, told us he’d been living downstairs, but added that thanks to his stairlift “I have got my house back.”
  • Mrs Porter, of Halstead, Essex, is able to access her garden again after buying an Acorn Outdoor Stairlift. She said: “As mobility is a problem and there are steps to the garden, this has given me a new way of life.”
  • Caring husband Mr Sheldon, of Solihull, told us: “My wife is now able to go upstairs without falling due to her walking difficulty.”
  • Similarly, Mr Russel, of Aylesbury, reports: “My wife can now go upstairs without me following and pushing her.”
  • Mrs Radley, of York, said her Acorn is “not used all the time, but it’s good to have the assurance it’s there if needed.”
  • From Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Vernon Llewellyn said his stairlift has “made it possible for me to stay in my own home.”
  • For Mr Derek Mortimer, of Thetford, the biggest benefit is “freedom of movement throughout my property.”
  • The same goes for Eileen Hever, of Northampton, who says her Acorn has “made the whole of my house available to me.”

The final word (for now) goes to Mrs Patricia Mercer, of Chelmsford, who sums up the difference her new Acorn Stairlift has made to her lifestyle in a single word… “Freedom”.

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