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Why a stairlift is a great upgrade to your home

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

Some upgrades and additions can add value to your home, such as a new conservatory, a shiny new kitchen with all mod-cons, a detached garage or an extension to add an extra bedroom or reception room.

They could help you push up the value of your property, sell for more than you bought for, and climb a few more steps up the property ladder. But what if you’ve no intention of moving again? If you’ve found your forever home where you’re content to live out your days. How can you best upgrade that home?

Well, of course you can still redecorate, upgrade a kitchen or bathroom or convert a no-longer-needed bedroom to a hobby room. But when you’re staying put, these become changes to enhance your quality of life, rather than add cash-value to your property.

You might also consider ‘futureproofing’ your home – looking ahead to what you might need in a few years’ time. Ensuring your forever home will be just as comfortable and ‘user-friendly’ then as it is now. For example, if it’s time to upgrade the bathroom, you might consider a walk-in bath or an enlarged shower with room for a seat, perhaps a higher toilet or a few strategically-place handrails. These small, forward-thinking upgrades could all make your home life easier and more enjoyable in years to come.

If your forever home has stairs and you no longer get around as easily as you used to, then one of the most effective upgrades you could invest in is an Acorn Stairlift. It’s quite normal to experience some gradual reduction in mobility as we grow older. Usually it’s simply part of life, but it could also be linked to a medical condition such as arthritis, or any condition which causes breathlessness or dizziness brought on by exertion.

Suitable medication and/or lifestyle changes usually ease such conditions, but positive common sense changes to your home environment can also be a big help. For a home with stairs, a stairlift is an obvious and highly effective solution. If declining mobility means you no longer feel comfortable, confident or safe using the stairs, then a stairlift is a terrific alternative.

It’s not just a sensible upgrade to your home; it’s a prudent investment in accident prevention. Declining mobility increases the risk of a trip or fall, and while it would be unwelcome anywhere in the home, if it happened on the stairs the consequences don’t bear thinking about.

Unfortunately, some people only buy a stairlift after suffering a fall on the stairs, to help them cope with its repercussions. As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure. Even if you wouldn’t use a stairlift all the time just yet, it’s comforting to know it’s there for the times when you need it, now or in the future. In that way, it’s an upgrade that also brings peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more about how an Acorn Stairlift can upgrade and futureproof your home, give us a call on Freephone 0808 223 4871 or click on the ‘Quick Free Quote’ button at the top right of this page.

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