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Home Safety 101: Staying Safe at Home as You Age

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

A happy elderly couple stands next to their home

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve spent a good bit of time in our homes. While staying at home has helped prevent the spread of COVID-19, the chance of a household injury is even more likely. This guide will provide a few simple steps so you can keep safe and healthy for many more years.  

Take Care of Your Body  

Making smart choices when it comes to how you move your body has a significant impact on preventing injures at home—being mindful of your body.  

As you age, you can lose muscle, bone density, and movement of your joints; this can play a part in home-related accidents. You can slow and prevent some of these changes by adding some activity to your day today. Maintain joint flexibility by stretching. A mixture of walking and weight training are both exercises that may retain some bone mass. Try water-related activities for non-weight-bearing movements for increased muscle mass as well as bone density.   

Touch base with your doctor. They can address any medical concerns while also making positive suggestions to keep you healthy. Regularly make visits to determine whether you’re getting the right amount of sleep and eating the proper diet for you to stay strong. Check your hearing and eyesight annually for accident prevention. Ensure you are refilling your prescriptions on time. Remember to take your medication on time as per doctors’ orders to prevent behavioral or health changes leading to an injury.  

Create a Safe Environment   

Create a risk assessment checklist, and someone goes over it with you to check for everyday hazards, even some you may have missed on your own. With someone nearby, check hard-to-reach spots like smoke and CO2 detectors to make sure they are working correctly. Check for places with slip risks. Install grab bars in the bathroom and mats underneath rugs to prevent. Add a stairlift in your home to decrease stair-related injuries. You can avoid many everyday trip hazards on stairs inside your home. Stairlifts are a very beneficial home adjustment with systems to keep you safe as you travel between floors in your home.    

Make a Plan  

Sometimes the unexpected does happen. What is important is planning for the An elderly woman stays healthy while also keeping safe with a smart watch.unexpected. Talk to someone trusted and create a plan for what to do when an emergency does occur. Keep open communication and have friends or family check on you frequently. Have a list of emergency phone numbers that are easily accessible from all floors of your home. Keep your mobile on or near you at all times. Wearing either a smartwatch or assistive devices can be a great addition for fall assistance and keeping you safe. 

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