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It’s a myth: ‘My stairs are too quirky for a stairlift to fit’

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

Modern building regulations mean that staircases in most homes fall into various recognised types, all of which can easily accommodate a stairlift. But what if you live in an older or architect-designed property with very quirky and unique stairs?

Many older homes (which pre-date standardisation and buildings regs) have particularly quirky, hand-made staircases. They could be narrow, twisty or have several turns to minimise the space they take up. Staircases can be made of timber, stone, concrete or even metal.

It’s easy to see why someone with unusual or unique stairs might assume they couldn’t possibly accommodate a ‘standard’ stairlift, but why assume when it won’t cost a penny to find out for sure?

Acorn Stairlifts offers a completely free home survey and quote service. Just get in touch and your local Acorn Surveyor will call as soon as it’s convenient to you. They will expertly measure your stairs, discuss your needs and outline the various options available. They will also provide an all-inclusive quote for the work, with no hidden extras and valid for up to a year.

Of course, if we really can’t fit a stairlift to your quirky stairs we’ll tell you – but don’t assume because you might well be surprised! Acorn’s patented FastTrack® system for ‘non-straight’ stairs is extremely versatile and dynamic and can provide a solution for the vast majority of ‘quirky’ staircases. It’s very unusual for our expert surveyors to come across a staircase which defeats them.

Non-straight stairs require a stairlift rail which curves gently around bends, turns and corners and copes with different degrees of incline and bend. Each curved stairlift rail is a one-off, individually made to perfectly match the contours and characteristics of the stairs it will be fitted to. With most suppliers that means waiting weeks for your bespoke curved rail to be manufactured in a factory and transported to your home… but not with Acorn.

We developed FastTrack® to slash customer waiting times and provide the most versatile and responsive solution available for non-standard stairs. It’s a ‘modular system’ using a parts library of interlocking rail sections, each with a slightly different degree of bend or incline.

Your free home survey determines which interlocking sections are needed to construct a stairlift rail which precisely matches your stairs. The ready-made sections are then picked from stock and assembled on-site in your home by a skilled Acorn installer in just a few hours. It means you can have an Acorn curved stairlift installed in your home within a few days of your first inquiry, even next day in cases of exceptional urgency.

As well as this unrivalled speed of response, FastTrack® is incredibly adaptive. With so many rail sections to choose from, the permutations for a stairlift rail are almost endless. Acorn’s stairlift carriage (the part you ride on) is also one of the most slimline available, making it ideal for narrower staircases.

So please don’t assume your stairs are too quirky or unusual for a stairlift. Chances are Acorn can provide a solution and, in any case, it won’t cost you a penny to find out for sure. Just call us on Freephone 0808 223 4871 to book your free home survey and quote or click on the green Quick Free Quote button at the top right of this page. You’ve really nothing to lose.

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