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Invest in an Acorn Stairlift to take good care of yourself

12:00am | & Health

“Cheerio then… and take care of yourself” – it’s something we’ve probably all said when bidding a friend or relative farewell… or had said to us.

In fact, any ‘farewell’ is just that… a wish that the person will ‘fare well’ as they go on their way. But do we really take care of ourselves as well as we should?

Looking after our own health and wellbeing is important throughout life. Children often have to be cajoled or nagged to brush their teeth regularly and properly, but if they do they’ll reap the benefit of having strong, healthy teeth in later life. Similarly, eating well and exercising in our youth is known to have a positive impact on our lifelong health.

Put simply, looking after yourself pays dividends, and it is even more important for older people to pay close attention to their own wellbeing. It’s a general medical principle that any condition which is diagnosed and treated early has a far better chance of a successful outcome. This means we shouldn’t ignore anything which might be an early symptom of a medical condition.

Too many people put small changes in how their body works, or in how they’re feeling generally, to just ‘getting older’. Instead, we should pay attention to these things and question what they might be, rather than ignoring them. In other words, we should take care of ourselves.

It needn’t mean being a hypochondriac and running to the doctor every five minutes, but just using common sense when monitoring our own health, and seeking advice if something is bothering us. It might turn out to be nothing, but isn’t it better to know?

Your local pharmacist is a good place to start. Pharmacists are highly trained medical professionals able to spot a range of common ailments and advise on relevant treatments. Any conversation you have with a pharmacist is confidential, and they will advise you to seek further medical help if they think it’s appropriate.

Looking after yourself also means effectively managing any condition you might already have, whether in physical or mental health. For example, diabetics need to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels, either through self-medication of just being careful what they eat and drink, depending on the type of diabetes.

Many of us are responsible for managing our own daily medicines, making sure we take tablets for a range of conditions, everything from blood pressure to controlling anxiety. While we rely on medical professionals to diagnose these conditions and prescribe appropriate medicines, it’s our own responsibility to make sure we take them; we must take care of ourselves.

And it’s not just medicines, but thinking about the way we live our daily lives. Eating healthily, watching our weight, taking exercise are all positive things we can do, while also eliminating negatives like smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Some age-related conditions limit our mobility, such as osteoarthritis – often referred to as “wear and tear arthritis”. Again, there’s lots we can do to look after ourselves, not just in therapeutic exercise and medicines, but in changes to our home environment. Grab rails, high seat chairs, non-slip flooring and ergonomic kitchen utensils are all simple ways to take care of ourselves.

Another way is with a stairlift, not just for arthritis, but any condition which makes climbing the stairs difficult, exhausting, painful or even potentially unsafe. A stairlift is simply an aid to enjoying a better quality of life, in the same way that you would wear spectacles to correct failing eyesight or a hearing aid to help you hear more clearly.

At Acorn Stairlifts, many of our customers tell us they only wish they’d bought their stairlift sooner, instead of soldiering on until it became a necessity. In other words, they wish they’d taken better care of themselves earlier on.

If you struggle with the stairs and want to take better care of yourself, why not book a free no-obligation Acorn home survey? Our experienced surveyor will be able to advise on what type of stairlift would best suit your needs and how it could improve your quality of life on a daily basis. They will also provide a detailed quote for the cost, with no hidden extras and valid for 12 months.

As an investment in taking care of yourself, an Acorn Stairlift could pay dividends now and for many years to come. To find out more, click on the ‘Get a Free Brochure’ or ‘Quick Free Quote’ buttons at the top right of this page, or give us a call on 0808 223 4871.

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