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This Father's Day give the gift of home independence

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

Take the time to honour your loved one this Father's Day, whether you have nicknamed them Dad, Pop, or Father. Helping to care for your family is critical, especially as they age and may require assistance. Whether they suffer from stair stability or their mobility demands are changing, it may be time to influence their life with the aid of a stairlift positively. Consider installing a stairlift in honour of the father figure in your life who has always stood up for you, taught you how to ride a bike without training wheels, and whom you have always looked up to and appreciated.  

It might be challenging to see your father age, but assisting them by fostering a meaningful transition can improve their quality of life; doing everything you can to provide you and your family peace of mind. The installation of a stairlift might alter their perception of household accessibility. Installing a stairlift may give independence to those who cannot utilise the stairs alone or without fear of falling. Individuals can use an Acorn Stairlift to easily travel the stairs, allowing them to reach all areas of their houses. With the freedom that a stairlift may provide, your father may discover a whole realm of possibilities.  

Discuss the addition of a stairlift this Father's Day

Fit with every Acorn Stairlift is a plethora of extraordinary safety measures to keep your loved ones secure while utilising the stairs. Safety belts and simple controls enable individuals to operate the stairlift as they choose, in total comfort and confidence. A functional diagnostic screen might provide an additional feeling of security. The display helps the user assess the lift's usefulness, any unexpected faults, and the charge of the battery. With all of the safety features of an Acorn Stairlift, you can instill more confidence in your loved ones as they climb their stairs.  

If you determine a stairlift is suitable for your parent; installation is quick and easy. Acorn's FastTrack technology allows a technician to set up a stairlift the next day. If a member of your family is in critical need of a stairlift, they may regain access to their stairs without downtime. Acorn's skilled technicians perform high-quality servicing, answer any pertinent concerns, and ensure that you and your family are entirely comfortable using the lift. After install, our support team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with everything from aftercare to lift guidance. With the inclusion of our stairlift's service and quality, you may gain peace of mind for your beloved one's wellbeing.  

Father's Day is all about giving back and demonstrating your love for the one you care about; if they need assistance as they age, you can accomplish precisely that by gifting them with a stairlift. Review our other blogs for more details on our stairlifts and how they can benefit your father, parent, or loved one. To request a no-obligation estimate, go to our contact us section and complete the form; we will get back to you soon.  

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