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Tips on Staying Cool in a Heat Wave for Those with Reduced Mobility

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

The UK generally enjoys cooler weather. For this reason, houses are designed to keep in heat as opposed to keeping heat out. When movement is limited people may struggle to keep cool compared to people with full mobility.  

We have compiled a list of ideas for people with reduced mobility to keep cool during a heatwave.  

Unlike countries that are more equipped to deal with hot weather typically houses in the UK do not have air conditioning or ceiling fans.

If you have or can get your hands on a fan this is a great way to keep rooms in your house cool and circulate air.


One lesser-known trick to try is placing a large bowl of ice in front of your fan for a nice icy cold breeze.  

Another way to keep cool is to purchase a paddling pool. This can allow you to submerge yourself into cool water and lower your body temperature. Paddling pools are a great way to cool down even if you are just able to dip your toes in!  

Soaking a towel or bandana in some cold water and applying this to your head or neck are great ways to cool yourself down in any position and any part of your home. This can provide a great cooling effect and feels nice and refreshing.  

Something you could do or ask a family member or friend to help you with would be to make some nice, ice-cold treats! Consuming cold food and drinks is a fun way to keep your body temp down and a nice activity to enjoy yourself or with others. 

It is important to stay hydrated when the weather is warmer as you are losing water by sweating more. You may find water bottles with straws easier to drink from as these can be consumed from any position easily! 

During very hot weather it's best to limit exerting yourself. Take short walks when there is shade and if you do struggle with stairs now could be the time to look into help with moving around your home.  

If using the stairs in your home has become a challenge a stairlift can help reduce accidents and reduce overly exerting your body. Contact us today and a stairlift specialist can discuss your options with you and how a stairlift could help you.  


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