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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List for Seniors

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

Fall is here! The weather is changing and everywhere you look the autumn colors are coming out. Everyone loves getting into the spirit and doing activates with our loved ones as we get older it can seem like that might not be a possibility anymore but that’s not true.

Fall Bucket List for Seniors

  1. Add healthy vitamins you are missing in your diet to your daily routine
  2. Go for a walk and enjoy the outside with a companion
  3. Find a new Fall sent to put in your home
  4. Watch a movie with loved ones
  5. Pick out pumpkins with a caregiver
  6. Paint and decorate Pumpkins with loved ones
  7. Try a New Fall Recipe with a loved one or caregiver
  8. Bake Fall Cookies with someone
  9. Eat Squash soup
  10. Collect fall leaves either from outside or from the store and make artwork
  11. Have a picnic with family in the backyard
  12. Have a Photoshoot with loved ones
  13. Do a puzzle
  14. Make a memory book
  15. Make no-sew blankets
  16. Stay in PJs all day with loved ones
  17. Make a Pinecone bird feeder
  18. Read a book
  19. Knit cozy socks
  20. Enjoy a hot beverage
  21. Bake an apple pie
  22. Make Pumpkin bread
  23. Visit the park with loved ones
  24. Have Apple Cider
  25. Have a caregiver help you decorate for fall
  26. Look for a Stairlift to get you mobile  
  27. Open the window to let the fresh air in
  28. Use an old sweater as crafting material
  29. Toast Pumpkin seed with family
  30. Enjoy family time

It can seem like you no longer can do all the fun activates you used to do, that your life has become only healthy food, staying home, everyone worrying about you. Once you get mobile again with your stairlift and have your independence you will remember that you are still able to do all these things. You should do all activities with a loved one or caregiver. One to enhance the fun but also to make sure that everything is done in a safe manner. Have some fun this fall season.

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